LG Product Security Response Team formed to squash bugs

LG Product Security Team

LG Electronics may not be on top of the mobile industry game but it’s certainly one of the most reliable companies today. It directly rivals Samsung especially in its native South Korea but it has proven to be innovative and revolutionary when it comes to introducing new products. The most recent product that made noise this year is the LG G5 together with its “Friends”. The new LG premium flagship smartphone was a big winner at the Mobile World Congress a few months ago with 33 awards, beating the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

LG Product Security Team

The company has always been serious with security bugs and vulnerabilities. It’s never complacent when it comes to customer problems and complaints that is why it gathered a group of experts to be part of the LG Product Security Response Team. These are employees who can and will take care of every product security issue forwarded to them.

If you’re one of the few consumers who have a problem with any LG product, you can contact the team directly by sending an email to product.security@lge.com. The LG Product Security Response Team aka PSRT will answer all queries pertaining to security issues. They will be analyzing and researching on the problem and respond to all reports so expect those security bugs to be squashed soon.

LG has launched a special website where all news and information about LG security are posted. The site will also include the security notifications and security updates for all LG products and services. It’s not only for mobile devices but for all LG products. This is the South Korean company’s many ways to ensure that a customer is getting premium service, privacy, and security all the time.

As a consumer, it’s important that you check the website regularly for news and updates. Feedback and suggestions are also welcome so feel free to contact the LG Product Security Response Team.