LG rolls out 15w Quick Wireless Charging Pad that juices up 3x faster

LG is one of the few OEMs that are serious with switching to fast charging technology. It’s not just “quicker” charging but it also aims to deliver reliable wireless charging. Recently introduced by LG Innotek is a 15-watt wireless quick charging pad that is considered the first in its class. This one is designed well enough to compete with the wired quick chargers available in the market today.

We saw this wireless charging pad earlier this year but it’s only now that it’s made available. It’s impressive as it can charge three times faster. This means within 30 minutes, you can juice up to 50% of the battery. The 15-watt charger is definitely faster and better than the standard 5-watt charger that usually comes with an LG phone.


Others are quick to say that such charging pads can overheat but not this one. It comes with embedded sensors that can measure temperature. This prevents overheating so there won’t be any explosion. No need to worry about exploding phones because LG Innotek knows overheating is not good for any device.

Wireless charging isn’t the standard yet but LG wants to be one of the forerunners in this tech. No information on pricing yet but the LG 15w wireless charging pad will be sold in Europe, Australia, and North America starting next month.