Luna Launcher brings a kid-friendly experience to your device

When you get home from work, probably one of the things your kid asks you is, “Can I play with your phone?” Or they are probably begging you for one of their own (if you haven’t given in to them yet). One concern that parents have of course is to limit screen time and prevent access to sites/apps that may be harmful to them. One solution to this problem is called Luna Launcher, and it’s now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Basically, it is a launcher that will make it easier and safer for kids to use your or their own smartphones. But it also serves as a kind of guard for your kids as it limits what apps they can use and access and also how long they are allowed to use their devices. This isn’t create to stand as a digital police for the kids but to prevent smartphone addiction and also to avoid things in the digital world that may cause emotional harm to the young ones.


Some features include one-click actions (call mom, video call with Grandpa on Skype, message cousin on WhatsApp, etc), a built-in YouTube video player where you can save channels, playlists, etc, and an easy way to switch between parent mode and kid mode. The app can also give you time spent on apps and usage every day. And if you notice that there they’re spending too much time on their phones, you can lock down the device when they’ve reached a set limit.


You can download Luna Launcher from the Google Play Store for free.