McDonald’s set to launch mobile ordering app by 2017

You would think that a brand like McDonald’s would be at the forefront of integrating mobile technology into its stores, but it seemed like they were a bit lagging behind, as compared to other companies like Starbucks, Taco Bell, Domino’s that have completely embraced mobile. But now it looks like the fast-food giant is ready to play catch-up as they announced that they will be launching a mobile order-and-pay app by 2017, allowing their customers to shorten their waiting time and interactions at McDonald’s branches.

There are no specific details yet as to how the app will work, but it will probably be like how other brands have been using mobile technology when it comes to ordering then picking it up at stores. Everything can be done on a user’s mobile device through the app, from browsing to ordering to paying. But instead of having it delivered somewhere, the customer will pick it up from the store, as it’s probably along the way either to the office or to their home.

The app will be available initially to their US markets and then to selected international ones, including Australia, Canada, France, and the UK. They will eventually expand, reaching 25,000 stores around the world by 2018. They have also been launching digital kiosks to some of their branches. It perform the same functions as a mobile app, except that it’s in-store and that it costs so much more, at $125,000 per restaurant for installation.

McDonald’s should take heart in the fact that brands like Starbucks have been able to make mobile ordering a huge thing among their customers, with 25% of them already use the app to pay for their orders and 6% use it to order ahead of time. Things like this help customers who have little time to still get their burgers and fries and whatever, which is actually a huge part of the brand’s general market.

VIA: Business Insider