MediaTek UltraCast brings 4K streaming to larger screens from mobile

While it is still not as prevalent as other video formats, 4K quality videos are slowly making its way into our video viewing habits. And although there are mobile devices that support this quality, it still is better seen on a larger screen of course. MediaTek is now bringing us the first chipset-enabled streaming technology called UltraCast that will bring 4K video content to 4K-ready TV screens or set-top boxes. This exciting new tech is now available for partners to take advantage of for their respective products and devices.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ technology is the standard used when transmitting content from mobile devices and laptops onto a bigger screen like a TV screen, monitor, or projector without having to use any cables. From the name itself, of course they use WiFi connection. What MediaTek UltraCast does is to extend this standard by allowing 4K video content to also be streamed to the larger screen using the WiFi connection.

According to SR Tsai, Senior General Manager of the Home Entertainment Business Group at MediaTek, this is the first technology that actually “bridges the gap between content creation device and large display device, creating a state of the art viewing experience for the viewer.” This technology can be used by smartphone, DTV, and Box component manufacturers so that they can add this tech to their product as a selling point, especially when 4K content finally hits its stride.

The problem of course is that not all smartphones and not all larger screens are 4K ready. But at least the MediaTek UltraCast technology is preparing the way with a “better, more affordable experience” so that device makers will have the opportunity to be prepared for when more devices will have the capability to record and receive 4K videos.

SOURCE: MediaTek