Meet the innovative cable that charges both Android and iOS devices [DEALS]

It may just be the only charging cable you’ll ever need: the Just Mobile AluCable Duo for iOS and Android Devices.If you are reading this, then you likely own an Android device or two. Which is great, because all you need to charge them is a Micro USB cable. But what if you — or a family member in your household — happen to have an iOS device as well? Then you’d have to have a second, dedicated charging cable. But wouldn’t it be way easier to have just one cable that can charge both kinds of devices?

Introducing the Just Mobile AluCable Duo. It’s a universal charging cable that works with both Android and iOS devices. Just plug one end into an available USB port, and the other end into your chosen device using either the Micro-USB or the iOS Lightning plug. It’s really just that simple.

With five feet of length, the Mobile AluCable Duo makes it easy to use your device while it’s charging. It’s built to last too, thanks to its high quality aluminum connectors and heavy duty, shielded cable, and it’s even MFi-Certified so you know that it won’t damage your expensive iOS devices.

Stop dragging around a different charging cable for every device you own. Get one and be done with the forward-thinking Just Mobile AluCable Duo for iOS and Android Devices, just $17.95 with free US shipping at Android Community Deals.