Messenger now available to use on Android Auto platform

Some people may not totally agree (because they think it’s still a distraction), but the main purpose of the Android Auto platform is so that drivers will stay safe on the road while also still being connected to their mobile device. Whether it’s for work or for personal reasons, some people still can’t let their smartphone go even when they’re in their car, driving. One app that people still need (or want) is Facebook Messenger, and now, you can integrate it to your mobile car platform.

As long as you have the Messenger app on your Android smartphone, you will now be able to receive and respond to all your messages there, either through the Android Auto app or your car’s supported vehicle display. When you want your message read out to you, simply touch the speaker icon. You can also respond to said message by using Android Auto voice commands and you won’t even have to lift a finger to type, provided you can be understood by your digital assistant.

Some have complained that Android Auto actually doesn’t keep you safe as it still is pretty distracting while driving. So in case you don’t want to be disturbed by all these Messenger messages, simply tap the “I’m driving right now” button so that people could know better than to bombard you with messages at that point in time.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you need to have the Messenger app on your connected smartphone for this to work. So if you haven’t yet, go on and download it since it’s free anyway.

SOURCE: Facebook