Microsoft Office, Authenticator for Android receive minor updates

If you use the Microsoft Office suite, specifically Word, Excel, Powerpoint, on your mobile device to do schoolwork or professional work, every update they bring, whether minor or major, is always welcome. They’re bringing a minor one now for the suite, which can benefit those who use a lot of charts in their files. Authenticator for Android is also receiving an update, specifically in relation to the Outlook app, which is fast becoming a popular email app for some who prefer not to use the native email app of their device.

For the Office suite, you will now be able to add or remove chart elements on the aforementioned apps, so you will be able to edit your files with charts even when you’re mobile. Powerpoint also has something new as it now has a feature that will turn your drawings into a shape that resembles it the closest. So if you’re not that good at drawing shapes, you might get some weird shapes in your presentation.

As for Authenticator App for Android, the update brings your profile pictures to your Outlook app, so that it will display your default picture if you’ve installed the email app on your device. It doesn’t really do anything big for the app, but at least you get to have your picture there.

You can update the apps individually in order to enjoy these new features. Go to their respective Google Play pages to do so.

VIA: MS Power User