Microsoft releases personalized news app with News Pro for Android

Since personalization seems to be the name of the game now when it comes to mobile apps, you’d also want to receive news that’s tailor fit for what you need or what you want to read about. Enter Microsoft’s News Pro, their very own version of Flipboard or Yahoo News for your Android device. It’s a little bit similar to Google Now which you probably already have on your device, but bigger in scope and depth.

News Pro basically generates the latest content which it thinks you would want to read based on the social networks that you connect to it on your profile, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your email address, etc. It will then create a news feed for you that will supposedly be localized and personalized. However, some users are complaining that the app will basically display the same content for every one, regardless of where you are. Let’s hope this will be improved in the next update.

You can also add topics that interest you and search for specific topics that you’d like to look for. Eventually, the app will also take these into consideration in order to give you a more personalized news feed. One unique thing about this app is that you can make annotations and drawings on an article, in case you want to emphasize something about it, before sharing it with other people using the News Pro app.

You can download News Pro from the Google Play Store for free. However, it seems that it’s only working for some regions so better check first if it’s available in your country.