Microsoft Selfie camera, photo editing app now available for Android

If you still don’t believe that the selfie is here to stay, you should look at all the products and apps that the OEMs and developers are creating. And even if you don’t necessarily like taking them every day and posting them on social media endlessly, at one point in time, you will probably be taking one, either alone or with a group. And you’d want to have tools on hand to ensure you take good ones. Microsoft Selfie is a camera and photo editing app that’s specifically for your front-facing camera taken pictures.

When you take a picture using the app or even upload previously taken selfies, it will automatically edit the image, taking into account the age, gender, skin tone, and even lighting conditions when the photo was taken. It uses machine learning in order to edit the image, so it also means the more you use the app, the more it will learn based on what you look like and also what you like, based on previous edits.

If you’re not really satisfied with the edits that the app made to your selfie, it also has a host of other filters and also sliders to edit specific aspects of the photo. So you can really use the app as an actual photo editing app, although its expertise is of course for the selfies.

You can download Microsoft Selfie from the Google Play Store for free. There are no in-app purchases so all features are already included. So maybe you’d want to start practicing on those selfies yes?