Microsoft Teams announced as a new work-chat service within Office 365

Apart from Microsoft Flow, the tech giant has just launched another product that will make collaboration easier than ever. While Flow allows automation of repeated tasks, Microsoft Teams allows a more convenient instant messaging among employees. It’s part of Office 365 that plans to take on Slack and other enterprise-centered IM programs. Microsoft Teams combines conversations, workspace, and all the tools a group needs to finish a project.

Since it is integrated with Office 365, it means you can use it with related applications if you’re on those Enterprise or Business plans. Microsoft just announced this new service but won’t be released until Q1 2017. That’s only a few months from today anyway so we’re expecting it will be ready without any issues.

Microsoft has always been committed to improving communications and productivity for professionals and organizations. There may be similar applications ready but since this one is found within Office 365, we know a lot of people will want to use it. Feel free to access you content, tools, and conversations in one place. You are free to use it with Skype for Business Work, OneNote, and SharePoint.

The product delivers privacy and security as the company practices and follows careful compliance standards support, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption.

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Download Microsoft Teams from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Microsoft