Miitomo now lets you direct message your friends (still on the app)

Before there was Pokémon, there was Miitomo. Nintendo released the kind of confusing app earlier this year and a significant number of people were initially on board with this social network meets…well, we still don’t know exactly how to describe it. It was intended to “spark one of a kind conversations between you and your friends” but there were still a few features missing to be able to make it a true blue messaging or social networking app. A new update brings one important feature and several, well, not so important but could be fun additions.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, Miitomo lets you interact with friends and even strangers and all of you look like you’re in an animated avatar game. You can create a Mii to look like you or a version of you that you think is better, then interact with your friends through theses creations. The latest update to the app now lets you direct message your contacts so you will be able to have private conversations away from the prying eyes of the other Miis. This was a feature sorely lacking in the initial release, so maybe this might encourage some to come back and use the app.

The other new features included in the update are for the more “fun” aspects of the app. You will now be able to customize your room with floorings and wallpapers and even hang posters containing your favorite images. And if you think your Mii is dressed to the nines, you can share your OOTD through Style Central. You can now even create “Sidekick Mii” characters if you need someone to constantly follow you around.

The update also brings “Answer Central” where you can answer publicly posted questions, kind of like a virtual slam book. You can update your Miitomo app (well, if you still use it) through its Google Play page.