Minecraft: Pocket Edition presents update 1.0, the Ender is near

So Mojang has been very active nearing the end of the year, bringing updates galore to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. They came out with the 0.14 Overworld update, then the 0.15 Friendly update which brought multi-platform goodness, and then the 0.16 update that brought the Elder Guardian as an awesome boss you could battle. Now, Mojang is bringing the End, and with it comes the Ender Dragon.

The next update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition brings the version to 1.0, and with that milestone, they are bringing an area called The End, with an iconic and awesome beast called the Ender Dragon. Most players will see defeating the Ender Dragon as a tangible end goal for playing Minecraft, especially for those playing in Survival mode.

The Ender Update is also carrying a number of new features apart from that awesome dragon, namely, increasing the building structure height to 256 blocks. Previously, Minecraft: Pocket Edition players were limited to 128 blocks when building structures upward. With the 1.0 Ender Update, the height has been doubled which perfect for building a super high tower and gliding down with your awesome new Elytra. Wait, what? Yes, this update also brings you the Elytra as a lootable item from one of the ships in The End – a pair of wings that can let your character glide and see your world from above.


As for other new features, it seems that Mojang is letting you discover these new ones on your own. So be sure to update your game via the Play Store to get the Ender Update. Mojang says that they are still going to update the game after version 1.0, so no need to worry if you just did.

SOURCE: Mojang