Minimize Risk with These 5 Android Security Tips

Have you ever watched the show ‘MythBusters?’ Each week, the show’s hosts band together to get to the bottom of questions such as: ‘Is running better than walking to keep dry in the rain?’

Today, we’re going to follow suit and bust some myths of our own – each one pertaining to Android security, of course!

Whether it’s the latest mobile malware development or a new mobile security flaw, the security landscape is ever-changing. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and protect yourself by following these tips:

  1. Never ‘root’ your Android devices

While it can be tempting to ‘root’ your Android device, a process that allows you to access the entire operating system and customize anything on your Android, you never should. Doing this makes your mobile phone a bigger target, since it’s easier for malware to act on devices with administrator level access.

  1. Don’t focus exclusively on malware

A number of Android risks, such as misplaced usernames and passwords or poor use of encryption, are overlooked by traditional malware-only security strategies. Additionally, bad apps can mine your personal data or gain access to your phone functions. McAfee® Mobile Security is free for both Android and iOS, and offers a variety of protections to keep unwanted people and apps out of your devices.

  1. Stick to official app stores for all your mobile needs

Want to download a new app or update the software on your mobile device? Do it from an official app store. Third-party app stores are breeding grounds for malicious apps and faulty software that could wreak havoc on your mobile device.

  1. Keep a close eye on mobile app permissions

Are your mobile apps requesting more than they need to operate on a basic level? They shouldn’t be! Always think twice before downloading an app that unjustifiably requests access to things like SMS messaging, your contacts or location services.

  1. Update your Android software and firmware regularly

Make it a habit to consistently check on available software updates for your Android device. The newer the version, the better chance you have at keeping hackers out of your mobile device.

There you have it – Android mobile security myths busted and facts laid out in one place. Now, it’s up to you to follow them!

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