Misfit Phase Hybrid combines analog look and smartwatch functionality

How many times have we seen brands bring out smartwatches that don’t actually look like our original idea of smartwatches, but instead looks like a classic, analog wearable but still has the functionality of the connected devices? Well, it seems like that’s been the trend lately for both OEMs and even classic watchmakers venturing into connected wearables. The newest product from wearable company, Misfit, fits that mold. The Misfit Phase Hybrid not only looks like a fashionable watch, but can also give you the connectivity you’re looking for from your wrist.

Misfit Phase Hybrid does all the things you would expect from a smartwatch. It can bring you alerts for your text, calls, and apps, as well as become the user interface for your notifications. It can also track your steps, sleep duration and fitness activities with its 3-axis accelerometer. It also uses an algorithm that has been rigorously validated. All this information can be delivered and viewed discreetly on your wearable and is displayed though “an interplay of the watch hands, a small color window, and vibration alerts.”

You will also be able to use your smartwatch as a remote control. You will be able to control your music on your connected smartphone or use it as a shutter for your camera phone, and also use it as a remote for your powerpoint presentation. The battery can last you for six months on one charge and it is also water resistant in up to 50 meters of liquid. The Misfit Phase has a polished steel stainless body with a rugged satin aluminum shroud. You can also change the armband with any 20mm field band, like Misfit’s specially designed straps.

The Misfit Phase Hybrid is available in six different colors: Black, black and rose gold, rose gold, silver, navy and gold, and navy and gray. Prices start at $175 and depends on the finish. You can start buying it by November 7 over on misfit.com.

SOURCE: Misfit