Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor: a minimalist activity tracker

Sometimes, you’re not looking for bells and whistles of any kind, but you also want to look “minimalistically” fashionable when it comes to your wearable or activity tracker. Misfit’s first product after being acquired by Fossil two months ago gives you just that. The Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Monitor has a deconstructed and modular design so you can wear it on your wrist, with a watch, or even as a necklace. And you won’t look that weird. Kinda.

The Misfit Ray is 38mm long and 12mm in diameter and has an aluminum cylindrical body so it can be worn with any of the Misfit-branded accessories. Or if you don’t feel like wearing it with the accompanying strap, you can attach it to any watch strap, bracelet, or even necklace chain. So it can adapt to whether your outfit is sporty, casual, and maybe even elegant. It comes in two colors: rose gold (it seems like all OEMs now have a rose gold something) and carbon black.


Feature wise, it has a 3-axis accelerometer to track your activities and even your sleep and a vibration motor for nuanced user feedback. It gives you a “nudge” or rather a wink through its multicolor LED eye whenever you are inactive or when you receive a text or call notification or when you want a silent alarm. You don’t need to charge the device as it comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, just like with other Misfit devices.

The Misfit Ray will be available in retail locations by Spring 2016 but you can already pre-order through misfit.com. SRP starts at €99.99. If you want to take a look at the tracker, it will be on display at the Misfit booth at CES 2016.

VIA: Misfit

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