Misfit Specter combines earphones and activity tracker in one

If you’ve always thought of a way to combine your headphones with an activity tracker, the folks over at Misfit must have been listening to you. The Misfit Specter is unlike any of the wearables that they’ve made as it is both a wireless in-ear headphone and an activity tracking device fitted with the latest tracking tech to monitor your steps, various activities and even sleep if you wear them to bed as well.

Physically, the Specter (not to be confused with the latest James Bond movie) looks like your standard Bluetooth headset but with a clip-on base and a cord remote with playback buttons. But the base actually contains an accelerometer and it can be clipped on to the user’s shirt while the cords for the earbud hangs straight from the ear. The base also has the battery pack which can last around 8-10 hours on just one charge.

Sound quality wise, they’ve partnered with 1More, a Chines company that produces high-end, quality headphones. However, the announcement did not include specific audio specs, so we only have their word that they were able to produce an activity tracker wireless earphones that can compete with other earphones in the market. What we know is that it is compatible with Link, Misfit’s app that can use your wearable to control smart home products like Philips Hue, Nest, plus other apps like IFTTT and Spotify.

Misfit Specter will be available in Spring 2016, but no specific month or date yet. It will cost you less than $200, but again, no specifics yet.


VIA: SlashGear

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