Mojang updates Minecraft: Pocket Edition with Add-ons, Realms upload features

So more updates for Mojang’s Minecraft: Pocket Edition. It looks like the gaming company is far from being done in their quest to push Minecraft as one of the most popular games on mobile. Mojang has been pouring a lot of new content and features into the game, and with this new update rolling out, a few more new surprises.

This new update will bring Minecraft: Pocket Edition to version 0.16, and it’s bringing a couple of big updates. First of these is the “Add-ons” feature. These add-ons basically allow you to modify the natural way things work in a particular Minecraft world. For example, if you wanted your characters to be able to ride chickens, add-ons will let you do that. Mojang already has a dedicated page for you to discover and create add-ons.

Secondly, the integration of Minecraft’s online Realms feature is now partnered with the capability of saving your created worlds online, or download created worlds from friends when they share it with you. Realms can now allow you to save online worlds on your devices so you can play on those even when there isn’t an internet connection available.


Lastly, this update also brings “Ocean Monuments” to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which now gives players impetus to explore the ocean depths. Pretty cool, huh? Make sure your app is updated to the latest version via the Play Store, or you can download the app via the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Mojang