Naked Browser is the low resource browser you need for budget devices

We would expect around 70 to 80 percent of Android users will have Google Chrome as their “go to” browser on their smartphone or tablet, and we get that. It’s the easiest one to install since it’s heck popular and probably the most visible. But even on high-end flagship devices, Chrome will at some point frustrate you because of its bloated nature and the way it consumes RAM like a monster. When it does, it affects the operations of your whole device, and not just the browser. What more of budget devices who live on dual-core and entry level quad-core chipsets, plus around 1GB RAM?

Browsers are resource heavy apps, and that can be punishing for budget and entry level devices. This is the rationale for Naked Browser. The app is not as dirty as its name sounds – if you think about it, it suggests a browser that is de-bloated, and will only give you what you need to browse the internet on your budget device. And before you say so, Opera Mini does not count – it compresses the web page but you can’t actually interact with it. The Naked Browser will give you the webpage you need for the minimal hit on your RAM resource.


The Naked Browser will also not spy on you, as the developer claims most browser apps do. And it’s partially true – most browsers collect browsing information from you in one way or another. The developers of the app promise that no information will be collected from you. It’s easier to do for them because they don’t have Google pressuring them – Chrome will always collect info, because that’s what Google lives on.

If you want to test out the app, pick it up from the link below. It is free to download, so give it a whirl and tell us about it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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