Nest Cam software updated with Apple TV, Android support plus clip sharing

Nest devices recently received a software update so those Nest Cam and Nest Cam Outdoor can offer new features. With the update, users can finally create and edit those video clips to share with others. The Nest mobile app also now allows anyone with an Android TV or Apple TV display to watch their Nest Cam videos right on their TVs.

Streaming your video camera feed will be so useful to parents who watch their kids from afar. Viewing the feed will somehow give the adults peace of mind, knowing they can at least “see” their children.

Sharing short clips and videos is a common practice these days. No, it’s not just about going viral or popular but seeing what’s been happening in or outside your house. Who doesn’t love to watch a short summary of the past 24 hours? These ‘instaclips’ will be valuable in the future or useful for whatever reason. Posterity’s sake? Maybe. Security? Yes.

Instaclips are created from special algorithms set within the app but you can also choose them manually. You can save those videos on your smartphone or tablet and then feel free to share them with others online via email or on social media sites. These updates are available for both the Android and iOS version.

VIA: SlashGear