New ASUS devices: ZenBeam, Chromebit, Chromebook for education

Trade shows like CES 2016 promises to bring out the best in OEMs (or at least they should) and this year is no exception. Aside from smartphones, tablets, and wearables, we also get a swarm of peripherals and accessories like wireless speakers, monitors, projectors, LCDs, etc. ASUS is bringing its A-game this year and among its new introductions are a portable projector, the smallest Chrome device, and a Chromebook tailor fit for education.

If you’ve ever needed to carry around a projector that can fit onto your palm, then the ASUS ZenBeam USB projectors may be something that can help you. If you have an ASUS Zenfone or Zenpad, then you can use the ZenBeam E1Z as it was created to work seamlessly with the aforementioned ASUS devices. Meanwhile, the ZenBeam E1 can work with any device with its HDMI/MHL output. They both have a 150-lumen output with WVGA (854 x 480) 22 to 80-inch projections. It has a rechargeable battery so you don’t need to plug in (as long as it’s charged of course) and it has 6000mAh so it can become a power bank as well. There were no price details yet on the pricing and availability yet.


The Chromebit CS10 meanwhile may be the world’s smallest Chrome OS device as it is the size of a candy bar at 12cm. long. It can turn an HDMI monitor or TV screen into a full-screen Chrome OS device. It runs the latest Chrome OS version and has automatic updates and antivirus software. It even has extension cables or bendable Flex Connect HDMI connectors for those hard-to-reach ports. It costs $84.99 through the ASUS store.


Lastly, the Chromebook C202 is a rugged but lightweight Chrome OS computer that has been built for educational purposes. It has a wraparound bumper with reinforced corners with a scratch-resistant screen and frame plus a spill-resistant keyboard. Even the inside is tough as it has a shock-proof solid state storage. There aren’t any pricing and availability details as well. You can see all these plus other ASUS products at their booth at CES 2016.

SOURCE: ASUS (1), (2)

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