New Galaxy Note 7 software update available from Samsung

We have no idea how many of our readers bought the Note 7 but for those of you who haven’t returned your units or got their replacement phones, make sure you download the latest software update from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant is doing everything in it’s power to ensure the safety of the consumers despite the numerous problems and disappointments. An update was released earlier but this new one also aims to reduce the risk of overheating and explosion.

The first update was to limit battery charging to 60%. This way, the battery won’t “explode”. Those who still have the Note 7 can be assured that your phones won’t give you burn or headache. This new update will bring notifications so the user/Note 7 owner will be reminded to return their handsets.

Samsung has been posting a lot of reminders and warnings lately in social media channels and their websites to keep the customers regularly informed. The company is also said to be in continuous coordination and contact with retailers and mobile carriers to make the exchange process more efficient than ever. Hopefully, the replacement process will be quicker than ever.

The South Korean tech giant is also in discussion with different institutions and regulatory bodies in Europe so that all consumers are correctly informed of Samsung’s plans.

VIA: Coolsmartphone