New Gear S3 to support Samsung Pay even when paired with non-Galaxy phones

Samsung is extending mobile payment support to more devices. The Samsung Pay feature will soon be available on the new Gear S3 as long as integrated with any smartphone running at least Android 4.4. This is a jump from the previous Gear S2 which only works with any Galaxy device. So if you have a smartphone running Android KitKat or above, you can use the Gear S3 without any limits.

This change only means you can use the Samsung Pay on your Gear S3 even if you have a non-Galaxy phone. It does not mean you can already use the service on any phone because you have a Gear S3. This will only be available on the smartwatch. Samsung made it possible for anyone running an Android phone to pair it with the new Gear S3. Simply put, the South Korean tech giant eliminated the requirement of having a Galaxy phone only.

Samsung Gear S3 has rolled out globally as an LTE-capable smartwatch. You can pair it with any Android phone but you can also use it as a standalone device. We know the Tizen OS-powered smartwatch comes with NFC connectivity so we know how it will work.

VIA: Android Central