New Google Pixel phone sample photos shown off in a gallery

We don’t have any comprehensive analysis and review of the Pixel and Pixel XL phones yet but we’ve been hearing several reports about it. We know the smartphones are only IP53-certified but it already got the highest DxOMark score which means the cameras are impressive. Earlier, we also noted that Google chose electronic image stabilization over OIS for a reason and we’re expecting that results will be of high quality. We’re not looking at the early performance scores on Geekbench because we know they can change.

Isaac Reynolds, Product Lead for the Camera of the Pixel phones has been freely sharing information about the cameras. He’s the same IsaacOnCamera who explained the reason for choosing EIS and now he’s boasting that the Pixel can take great photos even with no filter. In a recent post on Pixel User Community, he shared a gallery of sample photos taken using the new Google phone.

View sample photos taken by the Google Pixel phone:

Reynolds said no filter was used. We’re assuming these are raw, unedited photos. Impressive for pictures taken using just a smartphone. We’re more convinced now why the Pixel received high scores on the image quality benchmark test.

The Google employee further noted that a software is possible for these shots but we still can’t tell if it has built-in or auto filters. We’ll know for sure once we get our hands on a Pixel.

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SOURCE: Pixel User Community