New Tile Mate announced as a lighter, thinner Bluetooth tracker

Tile is a name known for reliable unit tracking. We know the brand for its Bluetooth trackers, tags, app, and platform. Last month, we were introduced to the Tile Slim and the Tile Smart Location Platform. The Tile Bluetooth tracker released last year was created so we would never lose stuff again. Just recently, the company announced the Tile Mate which is a super small Bluetooth tracker for different things.

Honestly, this is something we’ve been wanting to create because as we age, we tend to be forgetful. It’s hard enough to look for one’s keys, remote control, wallet, mobile phone, or just about anything that is easy to misplace. Tile has introduced the idea of a lost-and-found network and the Tile Mate is expected to function the same, providing consumers a more versatile, lighter, and small tracker.

It’s way smaller than the original Tile at about 25 percent. One piece of Tile Mate isn’t enough because you will want to attach it to almost anything from your wallet to your purse to luggage, watch, gadgets, and even shoes. Good thing you can get the Tile Mate 4-Pack for $70 and the Tile Combo 4-Pack (one pair each of the Tile Mate and Tile Slims) for only $90.

Tile Mate works together with the Tile app and smart location network to help us find your stuff. This is perfect for the forgetful ones. It’s a no-fuss add-on device that is minimalist and yet very helpful as you can see the item on a map.

Tile trackers are already available in over 200 countries. The company has sold over six million Tiles already and we’re guessing the number will rapidly increase with the launch of the Tile Mate plus the new combo pack.