Newest Pokemon GO update puts a block on driving, moving too fast

Interest in Pokemon GO may have waned but the game isn’t going away anytime soon. Niantic and Nintendo will only continue to bank on the augmented reality adventure that has beaten numerous records in the mobile gaming industry across both iOS and Android. The game is one of those that get regular updates these past few weeks mainly because it has a huge following. The developers can’t simply ignore and forget about game because we’re talking about millions of people from around the world playing it.

Last week’s update allowed players to catch a bonus. That’s only after gym training was made a whole lot easier. Pokemon Go Plus usage was also recently improved while showing capture location was enabled. Numerous changes have been delivered already but nothing yet on what would make the game “safer”. We haven’t heard of any major compromises or accidents yet but it’s about time the game becomes safer for all players.

The new update brings a block on unsafe playing activities. One important feature is this ‘block on driving’ that will have the pawns disappear once the app detects the player is moving–at about at 30mph– that means you are moving too fast. It’s possible that you are driving but then you could also be running or striding. Pokemon Go now knows that you are moving very fast so bonuses will be removed. Those meters for Buddy Pokemon and Pokemon Eggs will also automatically stop.

This update is to ensure “safety” of the players. Some of the game’s features will not function if it detects that you are moving too quickly. This isn’t taking out the “GO” aspect in the game. We’re only talking about the speed. This means those gamers used to playing while inside a moving vehicle will have to adjust.

Niantic wants the game fair for everyone so it’s releasing some “equalizers” like this latest update. A similar one was released a few weeks ago but only as an alert and not a total block of the fast trainers.

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VIA: SlashGear