Newest Todoist update brings new features for Android Nougat

Todoist has been a useful tool for years now. Its developer keeps on updating the app because it has proven to help improve productivity. It’s even made to work with other apps like Google Calendar and Evernote plus the Android Wear platform. The last enhancement we featured and tried was the addition of better input methods plus improvements on Material Design that rolled out just last March.

And just before the year ends, Todoist developes are releasing another round of update. This time, more features are now made for Android 7.0 Nougat. When you get the newest version of the app, you will notice the ‘Quick add everywhere’ feature that allows you to create and easily organize tasks. ‘App Shortcuts’ will come pretty handy in keeping your favorite views or tasks.

‘In-line replies’ are possible now so collaborating on a project or work will be a cinch. You can also take advantage of the multi-window support as available with most Nougat-enabled apps.

‘Keyboard shortcuts for Android’ will be more useful than ever so make sure you master them all. Last but not the least, the ‘In Apps search’ feature is also available for quick searching of tasks and projects on your mobile device.

Download Todoist from the Google Play Store