Next Pokemon GO update to deliver more monsters, Gen 2 APK

True fans of Pokemon Go remain loyal to the phenomenal augmented reality even if others have stopped playing. We don’t need to explain why the game stills matter because it does. The record-breaking downloads in such a short period of cannot be erased and even if millions of people get off the bandwagon, Niantic and Nintendo have already made lot of money.

The latest update was only during the weekend when Nearby was added to more cities and has fixed common monster problems. Of course, there’s the round of daily and weekly bonuses for playing and visiting a pokestop and the scarier monsters unleashed during the Halloween. For the next update, Pokemon GO is said to feature code for Generation 2, Pokemon Gold Silver, and about 101 new Pokemon characters. You’ll get to see new and more Pokemon being added to Pokedex and possibly see a new move for the missing Pokemon know as Ditto which is Transform.

The next major update will be Generation 2 already and it’s said to be out before the year ends–if not, the New Year. If true, then it will be out in time for the unofficial first year anniversary of its beta release. Expect to see the following: Pokemon GO APK version 0.45, 100 extra Pokemon, a new Pokemon GO Sponsor (Globe), and Ditto the new Pokemon together with its new move.

VIA: SlashGear