Nival releases Prime World Defenders 2, carrying the torch for tower defense

So you read “tower defense” and went “meh”. Ok, we get that. But there is a portion of you out there who think TD games are the best mind exercise apps and time wasters among the genres of games in the Google Play Store. And so for those specific people – who might have already tired Nival’s excellent Prime World Defenders TD game – this sequel is for you.

You heard it right, Nival is back with Prime World Defenders 2. And if you enjoyed how polished the initial game was, then you can expect the same excellence from the sequel. The initial game was really fresh because it added the collectible card twist to the game – players got different cards from beating maps and bosses, and they were able to use the cards within the game.


Prime World Defenders 2 just builds on the game before it, albeit with better graphics and a new, more immersive portrait mode. There are towers, and now runes, to collect to make your defense more powerful. There are a lot of monsters to beat and 29 unique boss characters you have to play through.


The game is free to download with IAPs, pick it up at the download link below. If you were once interested in the TD genre, we promise you that Prime World Defenders 2 is a good reason to look into it again. Enjoy gaming!

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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