Note 7 shipping and delivery not allowed by some companies

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead. The South Korean tech giant is not reviving the smartphone. The recall has expanded to include the original and replacement units while production has totally stopped. This goes for all carriers and retailers in different countries. Samsung also announced that it’s giving a discount for those who will exchange their Note7s with another phone from the company. We’re expecting more mobile carriers and retail stores, whether online or offline, will also announce their recall or refund programs.

As for Amazon, if you get any Note 7 accessory from the website, you can get refunds although it’s not clear how the company is going to do this but Amazon’s refund policy includes the phone accessories. It is advised that all Note 7 units be recalled and surrendered to Samsung. Even those already outside the 30-day return window can still be refunded. A redditor happily shared that he was able to return two items to Amazon and received return labels worth almost $90.

Refunds and recalls usually involve shipping and delivery services but some companies don’t want to handle the Note 7. UK Royal Mail and FedEx are said to be refusing shipments for fear that the phone may suddenly explode and catch fire especially in transit. This is understandable as they only want to be on the safe side. They don’t want to risk the safety of employees so Note7s are not accepted especially if they are from private individuals. The Ground service of FedEx will still handle the phone if they come from the stores.

In an extra effort to make things safer, Samsung begins to send out return kits with box and gloves. Other shipping companies like the US Postal and UPS also allow ground shipment only.

VIA: The Verge, Reddit, Business Insider