Notion launches new AI email app, funded for $9.5 million

With the amount of email that we receive every day (Yes kids, we still use email), both for personal and professional reasons, and the occasional promo or spam ones thrown in there, we need smarter ways to sort through them and make our lives easier. We’ve seen Gmail and Outlook and other new apps help you identify priority emails. A new player is about to enter the fray and it’s called Notion Intelligent Email. They announced their presence not just by launching the app but also letting people know that they were able to receive funding for $9.5 million, signaling they’re serious about creating a highly intelligent email app.

The developers claim that their email app can actually predict what should be your priority email with over 95% accuracy, using artificial intelligence technology to sort through your inbox and even spam folders and let you know which ones you should read first and also which ones you should respond to immediately. AI is not the only factor here, as they also try to understand the relationships involved when you communicate in order to accurately predict which are the ones that will be important to you.


The app will group the “less important” emails together, give you notifications when an important email comes in, prompt you to reply when there’s a deadline involved, and also show you your relationship with the person emailing you, in case you’ve forgotten about them. But of course in order to do all this, you would have to give them access to your personal information. However, their privacy policy details which information it will get from you and how they will use it.

You can now download Notion Intelligent Email from the Google Play Store for free. They are also working on integrating it with Alexa, Amazon’s smart digital assistant, so it can read your important emails to you and notify you when you need to send a reply.

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VIA: Tech Crunch