NVIDIA goes on a 4-day SHIELD Winter Sale, slashes game prices

NVIDIA is timing a sale to perfection as most of the country is indoors due to being snowed in – what a great time to get to play some games, yes? The 4-day SHIELD Winter Sale brings prices down to some games that you can sink your teeth into while spending some time indoors.


First up, and specifically for GEForce Now members – NVIDIA is slashing the prices of three LEGO-themed games just for you by as much as a whopping 75%. If you’re more of the swords-and-shields type, you got “LEGO The Hobbit” and “LEGO The Lord of the Rings”. If you go for capes and superpowers, the sale also includes “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes”. These are available exclusively for GEForce Now subscribers. Don’t fret if you’re not – subscription to GEForce Now is free for the first three months, and then USD$7.99 after.


For Android users, you can get these games on sale directly from the Google Play Store – the nostalgic crime-fighting games in “Hotline Miami” and “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number”, the RPG game “Titan Souls”, a skateboard game in “OlliOlli”, and a war shooting game in “Luftrausers”. All of these games are on sale now for discounted prices.


So whether you’re on your mobile or whether you’re playing on an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, you can enjoy some quality gaming time – as long as you have a good internet connection. Check out more details to this sale from the source link below.


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