Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator now avialable to insult you more

Have you ever suffered from this thing called “staircase wit” when you’re only able to think of a proper insult or comeback hours after the argument or discussion has already occurred? Well you can always start practicing your uncomplimentary insults and all with your friends or with random online strangers through the new version of Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator, now out through the Google Play Store for your Android devices. Pretty soon you’ll be an insult expert with the perfect comebacks for every situation.

This is actually the enhanced and mobile version of the Oh Sir! game which was released back in December of last year. But now you get more situations in which to practice your verbal sparring game against either your friends or people you know, or even with random strangers online. You get to choose the characters you’ll play and the situations in which you would have to make a verbal attack against certain people, whether provoked or just for the heck of it.


The Loner’s Insult Tournament mode lets you practice getting your way out of certain situations with just the power of your insulting wit. The Real Life Friends Mode is a multi-player game where you just need to share one device in order to duel against each other. The Imaginary-Friends Mode lets you play against anyone from anywhere in the world who’s looking for a verbal tussle.


You can download Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator from the Google Play Store for just $1.99. No need for any more in-app purchases as that is already all-in.

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