OneNote updates include multi-window support, more embedded file types

OneNote has become the note-taking app of choice for a lot of former Evernote users and Microsoft is making sure that people will not regret their choice to switch. They’ve been bringing more and more features to the service, and October is no exemption. This time around we get more productive features like multi-window support, the return of audio recording, and embedding files into your notes. They’re also sharing features that will soon be available on the app as well.

Opening files from wherever you are is one of the appeals of multi-platform and multi-device apps like OneNote. Previously, there were some restrictions on opening password-protected files if they were locked from other devices. But now you will be able to open them even from other devices, as this has been one of the top requests from users. You will now also be able to experience multi-window support, if the other app that you want to use also has that kind of support. So if you want to do research while writing notes in the same window, you will be able to do so, provided your browser has multi-window support.


Audio recording through OneNote is now available again on your app so you can capture random ideas that come to you and insert them into your notes. You will also be able to insert and open Office files or PDF so you will also be able to review your docs even when you’re mobile. In probably the next update, you will be able to add even more file types that you can embed into your notes, like YouTube, Vimeo and Office 365 videos.


The current updates are already out so you can go to the OneNote Google Play page to see if it’s ready for you. And always come back and check since they plan to roll out the other features later this month.