OpenTable launches redesigned Android app with Discover home screen

Finding a new restaurant to try out in your local neighborhood or discovering where is the best place to eat in a new place is always a tricky thing, but thank goodness there are apps and services that can help you out with that. There are even those that you can use to make reservations in supported establishments. OpenTable is one of the more popular apps that do that, and their latest update brings a redesign, including the new Discover home screen.

Discover uses several factors to come up with its recommendations, including availability, proximity, popularity, and it also takes into consideration your personal preferences. The look is very visual, because you know, choosing where to eat is actually nicer when pictures are involved. So whether you’re bored with your usual eats and want to try something new near your place or you’re visiting a place for the first time and don’t want to get it wrong when it comes to your dining choices, OpenTable is offering itself up as an option.

Some of the new categories that you can find in the app include some names that are self-explanatory: New & Hot, Most Popular, and My Favorites. You also get Special Features where the recommendations are by theme like romantic or kid-friendly. Near Me Now is of course those that are near you, Dinner Tonight is for those places that are available that night, and of course, you also get Editorial Picks where OpenTable Insiders and industry experts weigh in.

The update also brings quicker and easier search. It is currently rolling out for Android users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Australia so if you live there, you might want to check out the Google Play page now.

SOURCE: OpenTable