Opera Max Data Saving tool makes apps more secure on Android

It was only a few weeks ago when Opera for Android underwent a design overhaul. The update was released quickly soon after Opera admitted a server breach incident and after Opera VPN for Android began delivering free and unlimited VPN. Another Opera servicing getting a timely upgrade is the Opera Max that helps Android apps to be more secure and private than iPhone apps.

The Opera developers are releasing the update gradually for Android devices. The data management app has been a useful tool for those who want to save data or space in their phones. This way, you can save your precious data to avoid possible overcharges. The update now brings a ‘privacy timeline’ that stems from the already useful ‘data usage timeline’. It’s actually just a “privacy mode” that improves mobile privacy of apps on the device.

If you’re familiar with the S Secure mode on Galaxy J7 Prime and J5 Prime smartphones, this is somewhat similar. At present, it’s only available for the two phones mentioned but will be ready soon for all Android devices. This Opera Max is said to be even better than Apple’s security features because the latter do not provide protection as data goes through networks.

What’s good about the Opera Max is that it has the ability to tell you what apps are sharing your data with third party groups. This is good because you know what apps to avoid or at least be careful with. The mobile privacy tools include real-time privacy alerts that can be viewed on the “privacy breakdown”. It is also where you can see what a particular app did in a session.

With the new Opera Max, the privacy mode will allow you to block the trackers. Usually, these are the apps that offer high privacy risks. Using an EasyPrivacy filter list, the app can help block targeted aps. It can also make your app data anonymous especially when you are on public Wi-Fi networks. The goal is to encrypt browsing traffic and app data on WiFi especially.

Download Opera Max from the Google Play Store