Paper Wings lets you save your origami birds from “dying”

Save your origami birds, save the world. Okay, not really save the world, but this new game is just pretty enough that you will not question the logic behind trying to save paper birds. Paper Wings is now available for your Android devices and the arcade game challenges you to keep the birds alive by catching falling balls before they hit the ground. Of course this is one of those minimalist games that are easy to learn and hard to master.

You actually play the bird that has to be kept alive and you do so by catching all the yellow balls that are falling from the sky before they actually fall into the ground. The more balls you catch, the more points you gain. The more points you gain, the faster you advance to the next round. But beware, there are more challenges increasing by the difficult as you go further into the game. This includes a red ball that you shouldn’t catch, because otherwise, you’re kaput.


The game uses an “intuitive, unique, and simple flying mechanic” and as mentioned earlier, a minimalist graphic style that goes well with the idea of origami. It also features more than 20 bird species, and you get to unlock them as you progress in the game. There will be daily quests, challenges, and achievements you need to fulfill the more frequently you play.


You can download Paper Wings from the Google Play Store for free. There are no in-app purchases available, so you could say the gam is absolutely free.

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