PBS KIDS announces Playtime Pad, available online and in stores

PBS KIDS is a brand known for safe and educational media. It offers content that are engaging and interactive plus mobile apps that help not only the children but also the parents and teachers. We’re not sure why only now but the company has just launched its first tablet with parental controls and educational content. It teamed up with Ematic to introduce the Playtime Pad–a new kids tablet that comes with integrated parent tools and kid-friendly and age-appropriate games and videos.

In this day and age, tablets and smartphones abound but not all are safe for the kids. There’s either information overload or pure rubbish content. Adults need to check what their children are watching lest you want them to learn stuff you don’t want them to know or hear. This Playtime Pad is the first tablet offering from PBS KIDS that comes equipped with a 16GB onboard storage full of pre-loaded videos you can watch on the PBS KIDS Video app plus games you can play with other kids.

The kids tablet also delivers the PBS Parents Play and Learn, PBS KIDS ScratchJr, and Paint Box coloring app. The front and back cameras allow you take selfies and capture special moments. You can adjust the settings and set limits for each child. With this tablet, you can manage what the children can use and access.

Don’t say it’s just like any other Android tablet because the Playtime Pad is perfectly designed for the children. Sure, you can lock apps, use filters, and set timers but you know those kids today can still outsmart you. PBS Kids is a known organization trusted by parents all over the world. If you’re a fan of pbskids.org, you will love how the kids tablet offers educational and relevant content and entertainment for the young geeks.

The Playtime Pad comes equipped with a front and back camera, durable design, parental controls, and WiFi connectivity. When you buy the tablet, you’ll find it loaded with 120 PBS KIDS songs, music videos, and video clips plus over 100 hours of video on the video app. Over 25 educational games are also installed on the tablet.

The PBS KIDS Playtime Pad will be available for only $79.99. You can buy directly on shop.pbskids.org, as well as, on walmart.com, bestbuy.com and most Best Buy stores.