Picniic app lets you digitally organize your family’s life

If there are only 3-4 members in your family circle, then organizing things like appointments, tasks, etc, is probably as easy as just sending messages back and forth (or actually talking). But there are now more efficient ways to do all that, especially if there are more family members and sometimes your physical interactions are kept to a minimum for one reason or another. Enter the Picniic app which should make your life easier and more efficient and should keep everyone else updated as to what’s going on.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with everyone else’s schedule, you now have a shared calendar where you can see the over-all picture, as well as a detailed view of each person’s schedule. You can also create events or reminders that everyone can see. You can even make to-do lists on the app for any of the family members. That also includes shopping lists, either for you or for a specific member that’s doing the shopping. Anyone can also add items on the list (well, if dad or mom says okay to buy that thing).

The app also lets you to make a meal plan and store your recipes and also store important information that family members might need (insurance and medical details, emergency contacts, etc). The app also has a Family Locator feature so parents can now where their kids are. Members can easily share their location with other members. Picniic can also be integrated with others apps like TeamSnap and Work Calendars.

You can download Picniic from the Google Play Store for free. Most of the mentioned features are available in the free version, but there are some more detailed features wherein you need a subscription, which you can get through an in-app purchase. Monthly subscription is $11.99 while a yearly one is at $49.99.