Play Store search results now show a bigger install widget

Installing apps straight from search results seems to be possible now as one Redditor noted recently. Ashanmaril shared in a reddit thread that when searching for a certain app, it was listed on the search results but with an install widget already shown. No need to go to the Play Store because you can easily click on the widget and the app will immediately download.

The app shows as a bigger widget on the browser. Right from the search results, it will download without having to go out of the browser and relaunch the Play Store app. Neither Google nor the Android team has made an official announcement but the results are there.

Actually, the install buttonalready shows up when you search on your mobile browser but this one downloads the app immediately. We’re assuming this is what we featured back in January that you can install apps directly from the Google results.

We have no idea what mobile browser app on what version of Android was used but looks like other users have sighted the change as well. One commented that it came with a recent update but noted that the change isn’t available for icon packs and emulators. The install button is a legit link to start the download. It’s not a dubious ad so don’t worry about suddenly going to other links and websites.

VIA: Reddit