‘Pocket Rush’ will challenge you to race your way to awesomeness

Pocket Rush is a new racing game that will make your heart race. It’s a new challenge that will have you exploring different countries and continents where different tracks are located. This game will challenge your speed and skills in a more fun and engaging way. Your goal is to finish all those tracks as you strive to master all the curves, twists, and turns on the road.

You need to stay on track and prove that you are the fastest in your batch. Game is best played with friends and other racers all over the world. Try to beat the leaderboards by joining tournaments and engaging in more speed challenges.

Pocket Rush boasts of very easy controls that will allow you to finish all 30 tracks set in three environments. You can choose from among the vast fleet of vehicles. You can actually collect all vehicles so you can choose and show off to your friends you’ve got the coolest ride.

The game features a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends and other players in online events. Notice the 3D low-poly art graphics, awesome game physics, and mesmerizing background music.

The mobile game features global and local leaderboards. It’s up to you where you really want to dominate and be regarded as the fastest racer.

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Download Pocket Rush from the Google Play Store