Pokemon Go adds Nearby to more cities, fixes “common” monster problems

How many of you still play Pokemon Go? No one? Well, the excitement over the location-based augmented reality game has significantly waned, but there are still a number of people who are out to hunt for these monsters wherever they go. Niantic continues to improve features both to satisfy current players and to appease those that have eventually been disappointed after the first rush of obsession over the game. The past days have seen improvements, including expanding the Nearby feature and also trying to solve the problem of too much Pidgeys and Ratatas.

The Nearby feature allowed players to have a specific direction to walk to, as it displays all the Pokemons that are near you and where they are. Unfortunately, this was only available in San Francisco. Fortunately, they are now expanding the feature to other cities. Unfortunately again, it’s only limited to very few places, specifically the full San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and the whole state of Arizona. There isn’t any news yet as to when this will expand to other cities and eventually countries, but not having the Nearby feature is one of the things that has annoyed some of the players.

Speaking of frustrating things about Pokemon, a lot of people have complained about the “endless sea” of Pidgey and Ratata and Zubat that you encounter. The new update will now significantly reduce that number, giving way for you to capture more interesting and maybe even rare monsters. Pidgey and Ratata will also not hatch from eggs anymore so you will not be disappointed that you have walked all this way only to hatch such common Pokemons.


You can update your Pokemon Go app from the Google Play page. Now that Halloween is over, we will probably expect a Thanksgiving update pretty soon.

VIA: SlashGear (1), (2)