Pokemon GO delivers daily, weekly bonuses for playing and visiting a PokeStop

Contrary to what some people are saying that Pokemon Go is dead, the mobile game is still alive and kicking. Well, it may not be as popular as when it first came out last July but the game is still getting regular updates to ensure the remaining players and trainers have the latest from Niantic and Nintendo. The last update we saw included the scarier monsters being released for Halloween. That was soon after the title reached about $600M in revenue only after three months.

A block on driving and fast movements has also been added plus improvements on the Pokemon Go Plus usage were delivered.

This time, Daily Bonuses are added, perhaps to keep people interested. Some daily activities will automatically bring you new bonuses each day. Make sure you get up, mobile and catch a Pokemon at least once a day or visit a PokeStop. You need to let your device know that you are playing everyday and even up to a whole week.

If you catch a monster each day, you can earn 500 XP and 600 Stardust. Play the game in one week straight and you can earn even more–2,000 XP and 2,4000 Stardust. Another 500 XP and some more bonus items will be given if you spin the Photo Disc and visit a PokeStop every day. Do that for seven days straight and you will get more additional items plus 2,000 XP.

For real, avid games of Pokemon Go, you can also get a chance to receive another round of daily bonus the next day Wednesday if you catch a monster anytime on a Tuesday.