Pokémon Go to unleash scarier monsters for Halloween

For those who watch Pokémon or play the Pokémon Go mobile game, even though you catch all these little monsters, none of them are actually scary right? Well since we’re dealing with monsters and all and it’s Halloween season, your favorite game (if it’s still your favorite game) will of course unsurprisingly get into the spirit of things. From October 26 to November 1, expect spookier monsters to show up and wait to be caught, while at the same time, you get to double the candy that you earn.

While you’re out there volunteering to take kids trick or treating just so you can try and catch more Pokémons, don’t be scared if suddenly some strange, unknown monsters show up on your route. Those are special Halloween-themed monsters that you can add to your Pokédex. They are rare and will probably only be showing up during this entire promo week.


Maybe even better for some is the fact that all the candy you get, the virtual kind we mean, will double also during this entire week. So whether you’re catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon, you will get double the amount of candy, therefore allowing you the chance to continually evolve more of your monsters. Now if only this can happen to the real-life candy your kids or you yourself get during Halloween.

You don’t need to update your Pokémon Go app to be able to enjoy these Halloween treats. Just wait for October 26-November 1 to be able to catch all the monsters and candies. If you haven’t been playing the game in a while, maybe now is a good time to check back in.

SOURCE: Pokémon Go