Pokemon GO’s latest update now ready on the Play Store with more bonuses

Gonna catch ‘em all. Okay, maybe not all those Pokemon characters but every app update that Niantic releases. We learned yesterday the next update will deliver more monsters and the Gen 2 APK and now, the version is ready for your taking. The new update is live now on the Play Store so feel free to download and install your current favorite mobile game.

When it comes to Gyms, the Prestige a rival Gym loses when you defeat a Gym member increases while Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has lowered. If you finish a leader, you can now place a Pokemon in the open Gym.

As we already mentioned, this update brings bonuses for the first catch and PokeStop visit everyday. A bigger bonus will be available on the seventh day if you do it consecutively. This particular version also includes the fixes to common monster problems, Nearby to more cities, block on driving, and easier gym training.

This augmented reality game has broken several records but we have yet to know the gaming behaviors of the majority of players. It would be an interesting subject for a study but for now, let’s work on getting to know the Pokemon Gold Silver and all the new Pokemon characters being added to the game.

Download Pokemon GO from the Google Play Store