Prisma releases filters for video, coming soon to Android devices

The Prisma app has turned a lot of ordinary mobile photographers into “artists” with its various filters that can turn your ordinary photos into works of art. The next logical step of course would be to have these filters available for videos to make you even cooler on social media (sometimes, more than in real life) by adding color and shapes and all sorts of artsy things to your videos. However, Android users will have to wait a little longer as this is only available for iOS devices for now.

The Prisma filters for video works just like with photos, except it will take slightly longer, understandably. Currently, it depends on the device that you’re using but it can be as fast as 30 seconds and as slow as two minutes to apply the filter to the video. Users are also limited to 15-second snippets of video for now, since anything longer will also take longer to render. Just like with the last update to the app for the photos, you can also process the video even while you’re offline.

Currently, there are only nine filters that can be applied to videos but they plan to gradually add more and more until all of them can be applied to both photos and videos. They are also supposedly working on adding GIFs and letting you apply filters on them as well.

As mentioned, this new feature can only be currently found on iOS devices but they are working on bringing it to Android soon. Once you’ve received notification of a Prisma update, head on over to the Google Play page and that will probably be that thing you’re waiting for.

SOURCE: Prisma