Protecting Your Privacy in a Not-So Private World: The Mobile Security Debate

To share or not to share, that is the question on many mobile device users’ minds today. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, the influx of smart devices has been a boon for convenience and productivity, but it has also caused some repercussions when it comes to personal security. For some people, openly embracing the mobile way of life equates to forgoing or forgetting about privacy. The same mobile apps that make our lives easier may also track our location, collect data from our contacts or call history, and much more. Cybercriminals have also taken note of this phenomenon and looked for ways to take advantage of user data. And with people connected, for the most part, to their virtual surroundings around the clock, there are more opportunities than ever to steal personal information. Mobile malware alone has been growing steadily for the last couple of years, with a 35% increase in Android-based malware in the second quarter of this year alone.

With these challenges in mind, Mobile Monday will be hosting a panel sponsored by McAfee on how to protect your mobile privacy in a not-so private world. Michelle Dennedy, McAfee’s chief privacy officer, will be moderating a panel of security experts who will discuss how to keep your digital identity safe as well as how to reap the benefits of mobile devices without sacrificing your privacy. While some users choose to ignore mobile safety concerns in favor of convenience, others simply do not know how to curb the risks. It starts with understanding good mobile habits and taking advantage of the tools available to help keep devices safe.

However, security aside, there are many mobile-related concerns facing both consumers and businesses alike, and organizations like Mobile Monday are striving to bring together industry leaders to address these issues. More than 300 volunteers around the world organize monthly events to examine how the mobile industry can contribute to making neighborhoods, cities and societies better. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, banking, or updating your Facebook status, mobile devices play a role in almost every aspect of your life. But, a lack of security in any one of these activities can invite a wealth of malware onto your device. A simple app download could take down your phone, your identity and more. Organizations like Mobile Monday are working to solve mobile-related dilemmas facing individuals and the industry at large through their network of resources and experts.

Even though manufacturers are working to incorporate new safety measures on devices, safety precautions still need to be proactively taken by mobile users. The introduction of biometrics technology, such as Apple’s Fingerprint ID scanner, adds a new level of complexity to personal security management, but is not infallible. The first and best step to keeping your digital identity safe starts with securing your phone—be it with a PIN or passcode or your fingerprint—as well as using mobile security software on all of your Internet-connected devices. According to a recent study, more than 30% of users don’t even have basic security on their smartphones. Don’t be another statistic; stay ahead by searching safely, managing app permissions, and being aware of Wi-Fi networks before accessing sensitive information.

Below are some additional event details about the upcoming consumer security panel sponsored by McAfee.

What: Protecting Your Privacy in a Not-So Private World: The Mobile Security Debate

When: Monday, November 18th 6:00PM PST

Where: Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

Who: McAfee’s chief privacy officer, Michelle Dennedy, and a diverse panel of privacy experts and industry journalists discussing how to protect your privacy in a not-so-private world and what’s trending in mobile security and privacy.

Panelists: Jarad Carleton, Kashmir Hill, Sameer Bhalotra and Magnolia Mobley.

Be sure to register for the upcoming Mobile Monday event and get more information here: To learn more about the Mobile Monday organization and its history, check out their website and calendar of events.

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