Purported Samsung Galaxy S7 unit, camera module leaked

February 21 is rumored to be when South Korean teach giant Samsung will finally unveil the next premium flagship phones– Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We’re still not sure if there will be an S7 edge+ yet but we’re almost certain about some of the specs including the processors used (Exynos 8890 and S820), screen sizes (5.1- and 5.5-inch), and we’ve seen the phone covers of the latest variants.

Leaked images of purported S7 phone cases and the smartphone models themselves give us ideas how they might look like. Since the rumored date is fast approaching, we’re expecting more images and information to be published and shared online. One image shows several camera modules with the SM-G930F model reference on the board. The model number we learned from an AnTuTu document that was spotted last week. This photo tells us that the connector offset is now on the side compared to the centered position of the previous Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Module

Another photo that leaked over the weekend and shared by GSMArena shows us a new Samsung smartphone. Actually, we’re not really sure if it’s really a Samsung handset because the image was captured using an HTC One phone based on the reflection. The phone is kind of similar to previous renders we’ve seen. The home button looks like something Samsung has used over and over again and the build is very familiar.

Could this be the Samsung Galaxy S7? What do you think?


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