ReTrak launches Utopia 360 VR headset, fits all phones

You might have been wondering when a virtual reality (VR) headset would come out which would be compatible to a large number of phones. Well, ReTrak has got you covered with the Utopia 360 VR headset, whose claim to the market is that it has “universal compatibility” with virtually all sizes of smartphones – even your 6-inch phablets.

The Utopia 360 was designed for maximum compatibility, and so there is the flip lid that should take in your phone, whatever size it is. That said, it will probably max out on the 6-inch phones. The lid has a spring-loaded grip inside so the phone locks into view whatever the size is. The downside is that it is not so easy to take your smartphone out of the headset.

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The Utopia 360 also has gaps on both sides to accommodate your cables if you run out of juice, and it has dual adjustable focus on the lens. That means you can adjust the focus on each lens independent of each other, which is good if you have eye strain problems on either left or right eye.


This new VR headset is up for grabs now at leading retail stores in the US. The ones at Best Buy will the ETVR and the ETVRC variants. The ETVR is just the Utopia 360 headset which retails for USD$29.00, while the ETVRC includes a Bluetooth controller and retails for 10 dollars more.