Runic outs new Torchlight Mobile gameplay video, hack ‘n slash gamers excited

For those of you who remember Torchlight on PC, that game was a real boon to RPGs in general as it showed people that action RPGs can also be casual in nature. That is of course compared to the huge amount of commitment you need to give traditional epic RPGs. It seemed like Torchlight was destined for the casual gaming world of mobile games, and it surprised us that it took until now for Runic to push the title to Android.

Torchlight Mobile will be a hack ‘n slash type of game, an action RPG if you will. Judging from the gameplay video below, it will not be those auto-run/auto-battle type RPGs that are a dime a dozen on Google Play, but a for real walk-around-hacking-and-slashing game. We like that. We like that so much. See the gameplay video below.

[embedded content]

The game is actually on a beta run in China as of time of writing, so it will take a few weeks, maybe a month or so, for the game to get here. The character above is part of the Kitsune class, which seems to be a spellcaster of some sort.

The game will reportedly be free-to-play, with IAPs. It will also include a special PvP mode which will be in the form of a mini MOBA-type game. We’re really excited for this, so we hope this one arrives soon.

VIA: Phone Arena